Yellow-headed Gecko

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January 19, 2011 | Armonia Nature Preserve, Limon Province, Costa Rica

This species, Gonatodes albigularis, can usually be found on surfaces two to three meters above the ground. Not surprisingly then, I spotted this male just above eye-level on the side of a tree, shortly after dark.

Male coloration as shown here is distinctive among Costa Rican lizards. Interestingly though, coloration changes after dark. The head darkens a bit and the body lightens somewhat. Both still remain distinct from each other. What you see above then is the night color phase, or perhaps a transitional phase between the two. Males also have that white-tipped tail.

As the round pupils suggest, this is a diurnal lizard.

I didn’t measure this one, but they generally grow to around 9cm.


A Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica
by Twan Leenders

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