Red Widow with Egg Sac

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~15mm long | August 21, 2012 | Tiger Creek Preserve, Babson Park, Fl, USA

While on my way to BugShot 2012, I spent several days exploring parks along the way. My favorite spot was the Nature Conservancy’s Tiger Creek Preserve for the variety of habitats its trails pass through.

Here, I was curious about some some palmetto leaves that had been sealed up. Peeling a layer of leaves away, I found a red widow guarding her egg sac.

Subjects: Arachnids, Cobweb Spiders, and Spiders.
Places: Florida, North America, and United States.
Behaviors: Protecting.
Life Stages: Adult.
Sexes: Female.
Taxa: Class Arachnida, Family Theridiidae, and Order Araneae.
Colors: Black, Red, and White.
Sign: Egg Sac.

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