Crypsis Challenge #14

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July 5, 2011 | Victorio Siqueroli Park, Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Can you spot the camouflaged critter in this image?

12 Responses to “Crypsis Challenge #14”

  1. Comment1 says:

    Wow. I can see some long, stripy legs. I guess I could go with some kind of cricket.

  2. Chris Borkent says:

    Looks like a peanut headed bug to me (Fulgora laternaria)! Nice shot, hopefully you’ll show a pic of what happens when they are disturbed! I love the extreme difference between crypsis and warning 😉

    • Troy Bartlett says:

      Another good guess. I photographed some of those in Panama once, but I’ve yet to encounter them in Brazil.

  3. I think I see it…is it a grasshopper or cricket?

  4. Troy Bartlett says:

    Well, I’ve seen three guesses so far. While I think everyone probably sees the critter, no one has yet guessed the correct order (which is all I was hoping for).

  5. I see the critter, but I can’t tell whether it is facing head up or head down. I’ll take a stab and say Mantodea based on the length of the legs.

  6. Zi-Wei Yyin says:

    Is that a Mantidea heads downward?

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