Camouflaged Planthopper

September 21st, 2011 - 8:57 PM | Filed under Featured Photos | 2 Comments

15mm | July 9, 2011 | Tupaciguara, Minas Gerais, Brazil

This little planthopper blends in pretty well with the lichen covered bark I found it on.

Side view

Subjects: Insects, Planthoppers, and True Bugs.
Places: Brazil, Minas Gerais, South America, and Tupaciguara.
Adaptations: Crypsis.
Life Stages: Adult.
Taxa: Class Insecta, Order Hemiptera, and Superfamily Fulgoroidea.
Colors: Brown, Gray, and Tan.

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    • Troy Bartlett says:

      I agree, Ted. I didn’t investigate yesterday, but checking a few references today the wing venation certainly suggests Fulgoridae.

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