Identification Challenge #4

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October 8, 2009

Twelvestones, Roswell, GA, USA

I spotted this chrysalis on a tree trunk (looks like some sort of cherry). You can see in the first photo that it blends in pretty well. I took it home to see what would emerge. Something did, late the following April. Any ideas what it was?

This probably won’t help, but I couldn’t resist posting a closeup.

Closeup of spiracles

Places: Georgia, North America, Twelvestones, and United States.
Adaptations: Crypsis.
Life Stages: Pupa.
Colors: Brown, Green, and Tan.

2 Responses to “Identification Challenge #4”

  1. Certainly a swallowtail chrysalis – I’m going with Papilio glaucus (Eastern Tiger Swallowtail) based on the darkish lateral stripe and green splotching. Cherry is one of the many larval hosts as well.

    Not sure I would’ve known if you had shown only the (awesome) spiracular closeup!

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